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Chapter 10

Suddenly, though, he liked me again. I could see how spending all day watching someone could affect a person’s feelings, so I tried to let him down lightly. “Don’t go falling for me just because you’re stalking me. You have to keep your emotions separate from the job.” I figured he could use a little advice, even if it was the sort of advice I needed myself.

Vance laughed. “Following you around isn’t making me like you, Dee. I’ve liked you for years. And by the way, love what you’ve done with your hair.”

Of course. I understood men much better now than I had back then, and I realized that his mean act had merely been a way of covering his feelings. I’d thought we had a mutual dislike going on. Now it turned out he had a crush on me the entire time. How annoyingly typical. For some reason, I kept running into these damaged men, from Vance all the way to Roman.

“Sorry. Not happening, Vance. Besides, you’re married now, and you’ve got a kid, right?”

He nodded.

“How is little Roger?”

“Smart as a whip.” Vance laughed. “Sharper than his old man.” Yeah, I believed that.

I drove to Alejandro’s estate with Vance in tow. When I was a few blocks from the mansion, I got a call from Elle. I knew she was concerned about me, but this wasn’t the best time to talk. Nevertheless, I always made time for my sister, so I pulled to the side of the road and took the call.

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