Rock Con Roll (Chapter 6, page 2 of 6)

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Chapter 6

I also wondered if this was mere coincidence. Had I left the motel just as this person’s real target was departing? I decided to experiment, making random turns as I drove. I even did a full circle of four right turns around a block. Unfortunately, the car followed me everywhere I went.

I had intended to go visit Hale, but I definitely didn’t need to bring this tailer with me, so I called him up. “Hale, I need your advice. I’m on the road now, and someone’s following me.”

“Can you get me a license plate? I’ve got access to the DMV.” That was easy. Mr. Bad Surveillance was keeping way too close, affording me a perfect view. A few minutes later, Hale started to laugh.

“What’s so funny? Am I being tailed by a circus clown?”

“Just about. It’s that idiot, Victory Vance.” He laughed some more.

I groaned. Vance was Carl and Franny’s son, who used to sit around playing video games at his parent’s music shop. I heard from Elle that he was married now and had a kid, Roger, who was an aspiring grifter. It was Roger who, along with his grandpa Carl, had brought that panda into the lost-and-found department.

Vance had been a skinny kid, and I could see he hadn’t grown much. Five years older than me, he never socialized with any of us when we were young. All he did was camp out in his corner and play games, offering a sneering frown to anyone who bothered him. We used to call him “Victory Vance” because whenever he won a game, he’d throw his arms in the air and yell, “Victory!”

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