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Chapter 9

He let go of my hand to reach up and gently pull off my hat. My wild bleached hair must have flown out like a bunch of pickup sticks, because his eyes widened, and he smiled broadly. "Nice hair." Under his watchful gaze, I ran my fingers through it. Of course, any grooming attempts were pointless.

He chuckled at my failure to neaten up, then he reached out to try it himself. Sweeping one errant strand from my forehead, his strong yet gentle touch left my scalp tingling. I clamped my mouth shut to keep from sighing, although I think I failed. I even laced my fingers together to keep from throwing myself at this powerfully seductive man. His looks were hard to resist, but his unexpected tenderness disarmed me completely.

One thing was certain: now was a terrible time to try and swindle him. Regrettably, I had to do it. In an attempt to pretend that I was mostly ignorant of his fame, I made a lame attempt at conversation. "You must be George's employer."

Alejandro's eyes flashed, and he arched a mesmerizing eyebrow. "You don't know who I am?"

I squinted at him. "You must be Mr. Alejandro. I've heard of you."

He laughed, loud and hearty. "Mister Alejandro? Seriously?" He laughed a bit more, then propped his hands on his hips. "For your information, 'Alejandro' is a mononym, my first and only name. To everyone in the world, I am simply, Alejandro." He gave it his usual Spanish accent, overemphasizing the third syllable. Truthfully, I knew all about him, including his full name: Alejandro Muñoz-Perez.

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