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Chapter 4

After visiting the library, I played tourist and did some things I'd never done in Los Angeles. Museums and coffee shops and just walking down streets-I found it all nicely relaxing. Not pressed for time, I had all day to fill before I'd see Bea again.

She was in a much better mood that second evening. I brought takeout Thai food, and we ate at the dining room table like some sort of normal family. But it wasn't until we were done with dinner and she unwrapped a Nuts to You bar that we really started to talk.

She exhaled slowly after the first bite. Chocolate truly was her drug of choice. Then she looked up at me and shook her head. "I was pretty pissed off when you ran away."

Good, we were talking. This was what I'd hoped to accomplish yesterday. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't help it. I had to get away. I was scared, and I couldn't do cons anymore-the tension was making me a wreck. Don't forget I saw Jay get killed. That changed everything."

"What?" She darkened. "You never got over that? Get real! People die all the time, especially in this business. Jay was unlucky. But you survived, which proves you're lucky. And it made you a better grifter."

As if I wanted to be a better grifter. She never understood that I'd grown to hate that life. Sure, when we were young, energetic, and misinformed, we stole with glee. It had been fun back then, especially when the cons went well. But once Jay was gone, none of it was fun anymore. Our lifestyle, combined with a terrible mistake on my part, killed my brother. I never really got over it.

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