The Quest for Paradise (Chapter Four - Provision Made, page 1 of 6)

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Something struck me hard as an internal force the closer I got to the double doors the group was exiting through to the point that it soon felt like I was climbing Mount Everest. My eyes drifted to the two men to either side of the door as the panicked thought that I might be having a heart attack occurred to me.

No, my heart hurt and indeed my whole body felt on the verge of collapse, but whatever the cause was it came from no natural occurrence. Barely managing the force to muster a whisper I asked, "Jesus what am I not seeing?"

Instantly the reality of perceived existence seemed altered in a way that revealed so much more, but put a blur over the physical aspects commonly seen by the eye. The two guards by the door I was headed for were not what they seemed.

I felt a quake of fright sweep through me as I saw the beings cloaked with the outward manifestation of men look at me in a way that did not convey anything that could be remotely called good. All in one it was as if I dimensionally saw both the still forms of the guards standing rigidly at attention in the physical while other dimensional beings of ancient origin stared at me with both a cunning and a lustful quality that was beyond description in the way it rose apprehension within my soul.

In college I'd had demonic encounters that as a new Christian had been difficult to deal with, but in the end the situations had strengthened my faith and yet to overcome these beings of darkness before me now didn't seem possible at all.

"Look to Me and it shall be so with your faith again." Came the calm assurance from within that alone was what gave me the strength to walk further in the direction of what seemed to be a gateway passing into hell.

Inwardly still quaking I did my best to not look at the manifestations of pure evil that stood to either side of the doorway that I had to pass through. My attempt to shut them out was soon made impossible though as they began to speak with me, "You are beautiful and what a way with words you have."

"Truth is in your ways and your words echo of righteousness. You have no idea how much more beautiful that makes you to us."

"The more inner beauty you have the more of a delightful time it will be to corrupt every last facet of your being until you become awakened, as we, to all there is to know of good and evil."

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