The Quest for Paradise (Chapter Three - Disclosure, page 1 of 16)

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The tunnel stretched on and on. It was hard to define time in this seemingly endless corridor beneath the world above. How many roads such as this existed?

Time passed by as our headlights carved through the darkness, but as to how far we went before we began to see signs of greater habitation I could not say other than to put it in the context of several miles. Finally the SUV proceeded on into an underground working of what astoundingly appeared to me as a breakaway civilization.

There were shops and people and light. If it wasn't for the ceiling of rock I would have sworn we were on the surface traveling down some posh street of shops in the style of Saks Fifth Avenue.

It was both eye-opening and appalling to witness the double standard at play here. Here in this underground realm was a place setting environment as elaborately set up as if it was a doll house with all the accessories, while on the surface the debt slave population toiled away to make the dollars that increasingly bought less in terms of value, while the elite basked in this sunken utopia paid for by the swindling of the masses.

Leaving the glitzy part of this underground metropolis behind the SUV pulled into what appeared to be a military complex. The journey appeared to be near its end.

One thing was for sure though. I knew that after seeing what I had I would never be permitted to see the topside world again. So be it.

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