The Quest for Paradise (Chapter Five - The Fall, page 1 of 8)

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I filled my cup full of hot chocolate. The speakers had announced five minutes ago that we were but 5 minutes away from our destination. I'd taken the warning for what it was and risen from my seat to get a drink of something warm and fortifying for who knew what lay ahead.

The sound of someone clearing their throat had me glance up to witness an older gentleman who'd just poured himself a cup of coffee. He'd obviously been trying to get my attention, but I wondered for what reason. When I had walked in search of this amenity station all those I had passed along the way had gone deathly silent and viewed me almost as a plague of some kind.

"That was quite the talk you did. I…… well, I find myself rather shook up over it all. You made some very well-reasoned points, which I admit I'm struggling to counter."

"The evidence is all there and there's far more than what I alluded too. I lied about nothing."

"No, I don't think you did. One thing in particular does puzzle me and that is, why are we here? I mean, I know what they said, but it's been my experience that big brother rarely tells the pawns the true way of things, which would seem quite exemplified today, if in fact, you are correct and that my world is flat. Do you see what I mean?"

"No…… I'm not sure I do. I mean I don't trust the government either, but……."

"No no not that. Think about the story we're being fed. We're in a supposed hurry to get started because we're competing against the Russians, as well as teams from all over the world, right? Do you really believe that? The world isn't set up like that. I mean there is really no Russia or America, rather there are the competing egos and petty rivalries within the central government that moves the governments of the worlds as if they were but chess pieces. Not to sound as a conspirator, but really the world stage and the boundaries of nations is nothing but a game anymore. We're supposed to believe that the soul goal of this mission is to find a mythical power source beyond all equal, buried within the realm of a hollow Earth? What's even more unbelievable is that there's a consortium of nations that are competing against each other for the prize as if it's the second race to create the successor of the atomic bomb. No, I don't buy any of that. Do you see the gap in logic?"

I nodded slowly as his words continued to open up corridors of thought within my mind. He went on, "I think what is up is actually something much simpler. All of this is but a clever ruse, an act of self-preservation by the world's elite, as there is no need for some all-powerful energy module of antiquity. I've personally worked on zero point energy generators. They exist. There is no need for fossil fuels or coal or any of that stuff. There are patents on cheap modules that can be inserted into vehicles as they are right now that would enable them to be powered off of tap water or rainwater or even seawater. Again I repeat all this jockeying for a mythical power source is nothing more than the proverbial carrot being held in front of the donkey."

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