An Ounce of Prevention (Chapter 3, page 1 of 9)

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They left the canyon with renewed interest in the vacation. Alex drove the van the rest of the day. In the evening they crossed the state line into New Mexico.

Carmen was surprised to discover that New Mexico also had a city named Las Vegas. The only city she had heard of was Roswell…and Santa Fe, of course. Jonathan wanted to go to Santa Fe, but they were already behind schedule. They should be in Arizona by now.

"Maybe we can do that on the way back." She told him.

Alex gave her a startled look, but he didn't say anything. Maybe he was hoping to make a fast trip home. She felt as if she was dragging him along everywhere they went.

The country around them was getting more arid and it was broken with hills and valleys. Alex stopped in Santa Rosa to eat supper and get a hotel room for the night. At this rate, they would reach their destination in time to turn around and go back.

"Is this Arizona?" Destiny asked.

"No, this is New Mexico," Carmen said.

Destiny frowned. "But you said it would take us two days."

Alex lifted a brow at Carmen before turning to Destiny. "Things look different on a map. You can't figure time mathematically by the number of miles. Even if you lower the average of miles per hour, there are always other factors."

That was true - like all the detours and early stops. Still, he was right. This was the first trip she had planned and her experience was lacking. He had the experience, but he hadn't been involved in the planning.

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