Her Nocturnal Lover (Chapter Seven, page 1 of 3)

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She was standing, gazing at the painting thoughtfully. He looked at how the dress fit onto her body perfectly from the back. She was beautiful. He would sketch every bit of her even in his sleep.

"You like it?"

Linda jumped. Scared and she locked eyes with him.

"Mr. Mayor" …

"Um…" She stopped when she realized his eyes were pinned on her in that dress. Panicked flew into her.

"I am sorry. I woke up late I couldn't find my way out of here easily but I will be going when…"

He interrupted her.

"Save that for tomorrow sweetheart" Bill said. Walking out of the room. Towards the kitchen.

Linda followed him. Observing his every movement. He was hot. Hotter than she had even allowed herself to see the night before. Must be because she was drunk or she would have noticed the man was cuter than an Angel. He checked the fridge, grabbing a can of milk.

"I also…"

"Where are your parents?" He interrupted. It was the second time he was doing it. And Linda was not liking it.

"Dead" she replied and observed him. He stopped in his trucks. Stiffened a little, then got back to normal.

"I am sorry. How?" He asked again.

"Train crash. Three and a half years ago" Linda answered frustrated. What was wrong with him? Why was he asking all these questions?

"Oh, Once again. I am sorry. Didn't mean to remind you"


"Why what?"

"Why are you asking me about my parents?"

"Nothing. Just. Babe, you drunk yourself silly and woke up in my house. Definitely I have to wander where your parents are?" He said angrily.

"I. Huh..." Linda tried. At loss of words. He turned and faced her. His eyes fixed upon her again with an unreadable expression. Then he seemed angry. He placed the milk away, this time he got another glass and poured water in it. He looked at her again, as though he could see right through her.

Linda felt her legs tremble at the way he looked at her. Like he was going to eat her the next moment. Like he was going to undress her. She felt a warmth rush through her bowels as the desire for having him intensified, she'd kissed him the night before yet she still couldn't believe it. No, he had, what he wanted, it all happened so quick and in the next second, his eyes had gone back to normal. And he wore that disgusted expression again. Then he walked as though close to her, then he just passed, like she had angered him.

"I am sorry I wore your wife's dress." Linda shouted at him. While he drew away, to another corridor.

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