Her Nocturnal Lover (Chapter Two, page 2 of 4)

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"So if I am to die, I would rather die lucky! With a new admirer guardian angel trying to push my life in order."

She mumbled sarcastically, kicking her way around the room.

"Is anyone in here?"

Linda called as she moved down stairs, checking each and every other room for any traces of humanity.

Bill Mayan looked at his hand book as he sadly paced around the room. He was mad at himself. Mad for spending the last eight hours of his life thinking about last night's incidents and trying to erase the memory. The memory of a self-murdering beauty. He could not get the picture off his mind. He replayed the events in his mind while his feet paced around his twenty-four million-dollar corporate reading room.

He'd found her down. 'Linda' He smiled at the memory of her name. At least he'd known as much as he could from the documents in her wallet while she had slept her life away in a drunken sod. He was mad that these events were starting to replace the fine idea he'd had of her shaking booty in a club. She'd put on quite an impressive show. Of course there had been many but none like hers. Never had he been taken up by such character. He'd moved to places, toured cities and palaces, yet all the women he'd met there had got nothing but a passive reaction from him. They had possessed this fake plasticity of being ladies, even when they did unlawful things inside their houses. Whatever was up with the fake shows! Couldn't women just be who they truly were for at least once? He amused himself by how frustrated he was. How their idea of ladyship frightened him though he had always been himself. Indifferent. Whether one was a genius or a hooker. They never impressed Bill enough. None of them was ever good enough for him. No tarts 'ladies' no gents 'male-hookers' trying to find their way around life by clinging to another hot guys. He'd hated everyone and their pretenses until images of a brunette got stuck in his system the night before. Her devilish look at the club, the long hair and attitude with which she'd danced. Not shy at all. No blushing like she'd got nothing to lose. She didn't even care who saw her or not. He recalled the touch of her hair on his skin while he'd carried her to his car. Silent and graceful. Her drunken body so calm like she'd been lying on a comfortable double bed. Her slim body.

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