Her Nocturnal Lover (Chapter Four, page 2 of 3)

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But first, she would be his to groom. His to mold into what he thought she would be. She would be his and only his. He would swear she would get no escape out of it. He noticed the face the other girl 'Roselyn' made as though urging Linda to do something that neither of them liked. His jaw tensed. A group of girls came and stood by the couple, then Roselyn left with them. Linda noticed she was beginning to watch things in a blur and that her tongue was a slur. Looking around suspiciously, she moved out quickly, towards the road side by which she had left her car.

Twenty minutes later, Linda stood before two officers explaining herself in a slurred tongue. One of them was holding her hand trying to keep her straight. A black Mercedes pulled by the road side and a guy in blue jeans approached.

"I am sorry officers." His voice interrupted

"This, mine sweetheart here. I was supposed to drop her home but she surely is both very furious and drunk all the same. I'll take her home with me."

"But you're…" Linda started …

"Oh, Bill! Bill Mayan…" One of the officers said to the other officer in excitement that Bill started nodding.

"Yah sure, sure… I am he" He said offering him a handshake.

"I'll be on my way with the lady gentlemen. I guess I will be meeting you again soon." He said putting his arm around Linda's waist.

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