Her Nocturnal Lover (Chapter Five, page 1 of 2)

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She was having one of those terrible moments. Coming across her mother and being chased after by the man with a thick beard. Then the man held her hair and pulled her back. She kept screaming but her mom seemed not to hear her. She was moving away. Away from Linda, moving further away, towards the clouds. Then the man pulled Linda's hair so had she gave her loudest scream…

"Linda… Linda," Oh my God was that someone calling her? It was the voice of a man. A man. There was a man, he was holding her… She was sweating and struggling… The voice was telling her to come down. The dream was real. No, her mind was playing with her. It was all something that was not in existence. She screamed even more, horrified.

"Linda!! Ssshhhhh… Calm down baby. Calm down." The voice said again, from the back of her head. Only this time he was closer. The man who had been chasing her.

"No!!! I can't come down. I don't want you. Leave me!! Mom…" She was crying

"Mom, dad. Don't leave me here. Comeback" She was weeping, twisting on the bed. Bill looked at her face while he dried off the tears. A twinge of pain stabbing him in the chest through his throat. He pulled her close to his chest.

"Linda it is me… it is Bill. I found you with the police today. You were drunk. Ssshhhhh… Stop screaming!"

But she wouldn't, and then he covered her lips with his.

"Uh'?" Linda chuckled when she opened her eyes and found his face so close. She pulled back.

"It was just a dream. I am sorry." He mumbled. She stared at him suspiciously. Her memory filled with images and strangles from a mad man.

"You!" She said pointing her finger at him. Angrily.

"You again! Haunting me." She had a scowl on her face.

"Leave. Now." She uttered

"This is my home" Bill uttered. A note of anger in his voice.

"Wait, where am I? Where is this? Who are you?" She asked in him in horror only to drop her gaze when she noticed his hotness. He had got off the bed and he was standing close, terrified in front of her. His blue eyes fixed upon her with shock. Suddenly she felt a punch of pain in her chest and she knew she was gone. She was a mess and it was the end for her. She wept.

Bill paused and walked close to the bed again.

"I am sorry. You had a nightmare." He said. Placing his hand on top of Linda's. Linda stiffened. Panicking at the touch. She pulled her hand away like she'd been hit with a hot metal.

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