Nichoatra, The Love He Could Not Keep (Chapter 4 - Nicky (Nicky's Tires), page 1 of 3)

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I woke up to find that snow had blanketed the city overnight. It was mid-January, after all. While ten inches of snow does not stop the world for the people of Minnesota, I was terrified of driving in it, especially with four bald tires. Thankfully, my paid time off at work had just been renewed, so I did not hesitate for one moment to use one of those days. It was also a great opportunity to get some much-deserved rest. Between school, my job, the farm project, and the fashion show, I was exhausted. All of it was beginning to take a toll on my body and mind.

My phone rang, and when I saw who it was, I couldn't decide whether to answer or just let it go to voice mail. It was him again! Either this man is desperate or he really likes me, I said to myself.


"Hi, Nicky. How are you?"

"I'm fine," I said. "How are you?

"I decided to try your cell after leaving a message on your voice mail at the bank," Roderick said.

"Yeah, I stayed home because my tires are bad. I'm afraid to drive in the snow."

"Aw, you are a Minnesotan," he said playfully. "A little snow shouldn't scare you.

"I had an accident a few weeks ago-my car did a one-eighty on Highway 169," I said. "I was very lucky that the cars behind me were able to stop on time and avoid what could have been a deadly accident. By the time my car stopped, I was nose-to-nose with three other cars. That's when I realized that all four of my tires are bad, but I can't afford new ones right now."

"Have you called any tire stores?" Roderick asked.

"Well, I called a few places, and they are asking over five hundred dollars for four new tires. That's much more than I can put up for tires at this time."

"Where do you live, Nicky?

"I live off Highway 10 in Anoka, Why do you ask?"

"There's a place off Highway 10 that might be near you, where you can get them for less than that," he said.

"Oh really? Where off Highway 10 is this place?"

"It's less than five minutes from the Anoka hospital."

"Do you think I can get at least two tires for, say, one hundred and fifty dollars or less?"

"Yes, I do," he said. "I can take you there, if you'd like."

"That sounds great," I said, feeling like a lightbulb had just turn on inside me. "Okay, I'll get dressed. How soon can you get here?"

"How about sometime around noon?"

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