Missing Heiress (Chapter 3, page 2 of 19)

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"Oh, okay," Carl mumbled. "You said the Corporation pays all her expenses. Why? He gave her more than enough every month to live on."

"Nick was clever that way," Austin answered. "He gave her a credit card and had access to the account. That way, he could tell if she was in trouble without having someone check on her. He truly did love her; he just couldn't stomach Mathew and didn't trust him to treat her right."

"I take it Laura didn't go through with the divorce," said Jackie.

Austin shook his head. "She never intended to. Once the first monthly payment came through, Connelly moved right in. Nick was furious and washed his hands of them both - at least as far as Mathew knew."

"He still saw Laura?" Jackie asked.

"Nick couldn't live without her; it hurt his heart in the worst way to be out of contact. The horse ranch was one business venture Nick and Laura didn't think Mathew knew about. When Mathew was out of town, Laura went to see her father there."

"What sort of expenses does Laura have?" Jackie asked.

"Thousands of dollars' worth of clothes, cars, jewelry, vacations, cruises, you name it, she bought it," Austin answered. "Her credit card had no limit. At least, that's what she spent it on at first. After a while, Mathew got someone at the bank to add his name to the card."

Carl finished his lunch and set his plate back on the coffee table. "I bet that made Nick furious."

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