Missing Heiress (Chapter 3, page 1 of 19)

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Austin took the time to eat another bite and wash it down with coffee. "A couple of months later, she called. Connelly dumped her in a cheap motel and ran off. She said she wanted a divorce and Nick was delighted. He went to get her, found her in a bug infested motel, and swore she would never live under those conditions again, no matter what Mathew did."

"This Mathew must be a real creep," Michael muttered.

"It gets a lot worse," Austin said. "Nick bought Laura a mansion, handed her the deed, free and clear, and then set up a trust fund. The fund pays all her expenses plus twenty thousand a month."

"All her expenses and twenty thousand a month? I could live on that," Michael said. "Jackie, I need a raise."

Jackie stared at him. "I pay all your expenses now."

"Yes, but I could use twenty thousand a month," Michael argued.

"For what?" Carl asked. "You get to fly all over the world in a private jet, with the best pilot there is. You get all you want to eat and drink, plus time off between cases. What could you possibly want?"

"I plan to retire someday, Carl. I need a place on the beach to hang my hat, a car, a cook, and…"

Carl raised an eyebrow. "He's right, Jackie, we both need a raise."

Austin laughed. "They have a point."

"I appear to be outnumbered," Jackie said. "Shall we get back to work?"

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