Missing Heiress (Chapter 7, page 2 of 25)

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"What?" Jackie asked.

"Georgia Marie James died thirty years ago in Wisconsin."

"Connelly stole her identification?" Carl asked.

"Possibly," said Michael.

Jackie leaned forward so she could rub the small of her back. "Send me a link."

"Me too," said Carl. He glanced at Jackie and then stood up. "You need a back rub?"

"I need a new back."

"I'll order one," said Carl. He went to her, set her laptop on the coffee table and then motioned for her to turn her back toward him. He sat down beside her and started rubbing where it hurt. "We need a massage table."

"Except we never have time for the long massages we truly need," said Jackie. "Maybe we should retire again."

When Michael whistled, both of them turned to look toward the dining room table. "What?" Jackie asked.

"According to the obituary, Mr. Mathew Connelly was her fiancé at the time she died."

"Fascinating," said Jackie, "but it still doesn't help us find Georgia."

"I know." Michael turned his attention to the printed report Jackie wrote about her meeting with the nanny.

"Naturalization papers," he muttered. "You have to be in this country for two years before you can file a Declaration of Intent, and then another three years to file a Petition for Naturalization. I wonder how he pulled that off."

"It's a forgery, but I didn't mention that to Adelaide, she's already frightened enough. Did you send that picture back to her?" Jackie asked.

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