Missing Heiress (Chapter 5, page 2 of 24)

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"Dead girl, and a big dead end," Michael muttered. "No Georgia Marie James living anywhere in the US or the UK either. Man, when some people get lost, they really get lost."

"That means the theory of there being two Georgias won't hold up," said Jackie, as she retook her seat. "Have you tried Ireland?"

Michael was getting frustrated. "Why would she go to Ireland? Why not Australia or New Zealand?"

"Okay, concentrate the search there too."

Carl rolled his eyes and checked his second laptop to see if the automatic search had turned up anything new on the 24,934 possible matches. "Maybe our Miss Bertrand went back to France."

"Maybe the nanny found Georgia and they both went back to France," Michael mocked.

"If she didn't come to the US, Georgia would have headed for an English speaking country," said Jackie.

Carl rubbed the back of his neck. "True."

Michael puffed his cheeks. "Trouble is, there are a lot more countries in the world that teach English as a second language now."

"I'm going to look at the credit card statements again to see if Mathew did anything unusual around the time Georgia turned six. He must have paid for her tuition somehow."

"He wouldn't have paid for it with Nick's credit card, but buying and returning jewelry might have given him the cash," said Michael.

"That's what I'm thinking. I bet he has a bank account in the UK somewhere," said Carl.

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