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Carrying a small bag, she walked up the drive to the front door, nodded to the waiting driver, rang the bell, and was let in by a middle-aged woman who introduced herself as Eleanor.

"I am the cook, and my husband, Mark, does odds and ends, and drives the Connellys' limo," Eleanor explained, as she led Teresa to a bedroom located on the bottom floor just beyond the indoor swimming pool. "Mark and I have the room next to yours. You can knock on the wall if you need help."

"Will I need help?" Teresa asked.

"I hope not. Mr. Connelly ain't here much, and when he is, you best just stay out of his way."

"I see." Teresa set her bag on the bed and looked around. It was a comfortable enough room, especially for her purposes. It had a bed, an easy chair, a table, and a television on a stand. The door, she noticed, had a deadbolt on the inside.

"There's an elevator for when Mrs. Connelly can't make it up the stairs." Eleanor took hold of the doorknob. "You hungry? The Connellys don't eat breakfast, but I'd be pleased to make you up something."

"No, thank you, I've already eaten." She smiled as Eleanor closed the door and then she took a deep breath.

She was in…at long last.


A tall woman, with long dark hair and blue eyes, twenty-two-year old Teresa was dressed in the required gingham, short sleeved, French style uniform. It was blue with trim on the sleeves that matched her white half apron. Her first glimpse of the Connellys was a brief one. Mathew hurried his wife out the door and climbed into the back of the limo beside her. They didn't say where they were going and Teresa didn't ask.

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