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Chapter 6

Summer 1999

"Water! Juice!"

"Get your ice cold water for the commute!"

"Cinnamon roll- muffins and Honey buns too…"

"Ice cold tea- bananas and oranges… Just waiting for you…"

"You kids are still doing this? Isn't it time to go to college?" One of their regular customers asked on the way to work.

"You know how it is Mrs. Fields we've got bills." Avery cajoled the older woman as she bought some fruit and a couple of candy bars for later.

"What kind of bills can a couple of teen boys like you have?"

"Shucks… clothes… video games… you know; all of the luxuries…" Avery joked with the elder lady. She found them delightful as she enjoyed the small talk as they did their transaction.

"I must say your parents must be proud of how studious you guys are." She complimented as he made change for the five dollar bill she passed him.

"Thank you ma'am." He blushed under her words feeling slightly embarrassed at them.

"You boys have a nice day and I'll see you later today." She said walking away.

"Man I know why I'm still here… but why are you still out here…hustling like a mangy mutt…" Avery said turning his attention to Jayden. Jayden shot him a surprised look as he wrapped up a sale with a customer bidding him good day. A car horn abruptly beeped two times catching Jayden's attention.

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