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Chapter 7

"Ah man this is sweet…" Avery said as he walked around inspecting the vehicle.

"Man-oh-man… I can't believe your mom came through like this man… This is the sho' 'nough shit right here…" Avery continued praising as he looked under the car and then stood back up continuing his inspection.

"Damn, how much you say you paid for this?" Avery couldn't help but asking again.

"Thirty-five hundred… cash." Jayden emphasized. He couldn't help but boasting a little; he was proud of himself and loved his brand new used Grand-Am. He had gotten his first car and it was just in time for senior year.

"Man we're going to be styling and profiling… This is the shit right here…" Avery said already claiming the front passenger seat as his own as he jumped into the car. Instantly the radio came on blaring at its highest volume. Jayden jumped into the driver's side and the two teens began cruising the streets of the neighborhood. Both teens had adjusted their seats to the lean position and were sitting back looking cool.

"Yo-yo-yo… sup shortie…" Avery said hollering at some cute girls walking down the streets. He hit the button on the side and instantly he was sitting upright again as the chair automatically popped up. At first the girls ignored their hollering; guys always tried to hit on them when they walked down the streets. But then, Jayden blew his horn and the girls looked up. Seeing the car, their frowns soon turned into flirtatious smiles.

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