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Chapter 5

Summer 1998

"Water! Juice!"

"Get your ice cold water for the commute!"

"Cinnamon roll- muffins and Honey buns too…"

"Ice cold tea- bananas and oranges…"

It was business as usual for the two teens who had served the community now for over three years. Business was booming with old friends and regulars while they were making new friends and opening up new markets. This summer they began selling candy bars too.

"Man I hear the House of Kics is the place to be…" In between the sales, they chatted about the upcoming party that was going to be held at the famed teen hangout House of Kics.

"Dude, I'm telling you all we need is a new ride…"


"Mom said that if I come up with half; she'll front me the other half on a car." Jayden excitedly shared with Avery. Avery stopped short and turned around. His face beamed at hearing that.

"Real tip?" He asked. Jayden boastfully nodded his head.

"Yup… I passed driver's Ed and she took me to get my license already." He told him the big secret that he had been holding back. He had been afraid that he wouldn't pass the road test or his mom would change her mind so he had kept it to himself.

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