First Life Then Death (Chapter 3, page 1 of 22)

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I do not know how many days have passed since the moment she died. The house all was in their places. Her favorite mug on the edge of the table remained still from the moment when she was alive. Soft blanket on the bed which still kept the smell of her. It seemed everything remained in place, but here only she was not. I felt lousy myself and not because lost the only person to and I left alone. I felt so because I could not mourn her. In my mind it was so quiet and every time I blamed myself because of this.

The days passed quietly. Hundreds of missed calls from Valentina, Taylor, and even Mr. Gate were in my phone. But I did not want to listen to all these words that commonly people say in such situations. The only voice I wanted to hear it was Ryan's voice. But I knew this could not happen.

"Nina! Nina!" I heard a knock at the door scary and angry woman's voice behind her.

It definitely was Valentina. She was always a bit annoying and brazen. Unceremoniously interfere in someone else's life she does best. I reluctantly went to the door.

"Get out" my voice was so strange.

I did not recognize it. Perhaps it was because of the large lump in the throat.

"No!" Now Taylor said with me.

I knew they would not leave. But with all my being I did not want to see anyone.

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