First Life Then Death (Chapter 9, page 1 of 14)

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From the date of the funeral had been more than a week. During that time, little had happened. Or, I would say, absolutely nothing happened. Valentina and Taylor did not call all the time and I must say, too. At some point, we become strangers. Perhaps it should have happened. Each of us found its way and just went for it.

"One day the pain will pass, I promise" Ryan tried to reassure me.

I glanced into his eyes. He was with me all this difficult time and was just trying to share with me, in his opinion, the pain. But it was not pain.

"I'm not hurt." I laughed.

It was very difficult to explain in words all that I felt at that moment. Just at some point, your life changed in a strange way, and now you just should decide what to do with it. Changes pleased me with one hand.

"Ryan ..." Joe cautiously opened the door.

His head appeared in the doorway. He looked too pathetic.

"Yes" replied without taking his eyes from me.

It bribed me always. Ryan put me above all things, and I was flattered. But something disturbing was in this.

"Adonis in the kitchen" Joe whispered.

He said a special fear, unfamiliar name. Ryan turned sharply toward him.

"Who?" I asked, puzzled.

But Ryan disregarded my question. He got irritated and left the room. I started to panic a little. At some point, I thought of that awful old man. I lost my head as if from thinking about him. Leaping out of bed, I rushed for Ryan. The feeling of fear turned into very pungent taste of pain. My heart seemed to whisper to me about something terrible. But the whisper was so quiet, so I could not understand him.

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