First Life Then Death (Chapter 7, page 1 of 33)

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In the morning I woke up alone in bed. Sheets were terribly wrinkled. I smiled, remembering our night. All muscles in the body ached for the first time I felt the happiness of this pain. Ryan was not there. I wrapped in a sheet and got out of bed. My hair was tousled. I spent several time for them to get a little freshen up. For a moment I froze. Scream came through the door. I walked slowly to the door and began to listen. The voice was something like the voice of Ryan. Only it was a hundred times rougher. I carefully opened the door and left the room. Scream came from the kitchen. Trying not to make a sound, I went there.

"Your guess I'm not interested" Ryan screamed at Joe.

I quietly stood in the doorway and watched. Ryan was furious. Joe was lying on the floor and said nothing. Blood was flowing from his nose. I've never seen Ryan such a cruel. I immediately remembered a case in the office of Mr. Gate. I felt fear Joe. I took a step back, then another. Behind me something fell, and I shivered.

"Nina!" Ryan stared at me.

Joe quickly rose from the floor and disappeared behind a huge door on the other side of the kitchen. When Ryan turned to me, his voice no longer had the cruelty. But I was still afraid of him.

"I ..." it was hard to say.

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