First Life Then Death (Chapter 4, page 1 of 14)

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Intolerable pain in the hip woke me up. I wanted to open my eyes, but I was not strong enough. Weird noise was in my head. My throat was dry and it was hard to breathe. I started to panic. I felt a sharp pain that was spreading throughout the body, and I was with it one-on-one. I could not hide from it, and because of this I felt panic.

"Nina!" I heard a familiar voice, and I so wanted to respond to it.

But I could not. The pain seemed to pull out of my soul.

"Nina!" the voice called me again.

It was the voice of Ryan, and for a moment I felt the pain subsided. But most likely, just I stopped to give it a value. I experienced a few minutes of calm, but then the pain was back. Once again I was left alone with it. It felt like it lasted forever. I've never felt so awful. Boiling lava poured over my body and each time it seemed to me that I was dying. I do not remember how many times I was really on the verge of death, feeling it close and relief was ready to accept it. Maybe it lasted with me for ages.

"Hey, everything will be fine" I heard someone whisper.

It was very hard to hear him, but I still heard. Inside, everything began to move with joy. Finally, I was able to get away from the pain at least somewhere. Now the pain was not the only one in my mind. Now, there were many more. I heard some sounds and quiet voice that spoke to me almost all the time. It was a pleasure to listen to him. I wanted to listen to him.

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