First Life Then Death (Chapter 2, page 1 of 3)

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The hospital was awful. Around me were many sick people. Vanity, fear and confusion were felt everywhere. Broken dreams and death smelled around. Yes, there is definitely smelled of death. I went to the ward 276, where my grandmother was lying, and people were passing me. For many of them were angels of death, and I knew, that when I came to the ward, the angel of death could stand beside her too. I was not ready to see it.

"Grandma" I said in a whisper.

When I went into the room, I saw her lying helplessly. Angel of death was next to her, as I thought. His head was lowered down, and it was hard to see him. Dark and so disgusting, he stood next to my grandmother and waited. He waited for her to finish. Death not only smelled awful, but looked too. It may sound strange, "smelled awful," but it was true. Every time I saw the angel of death, I felt disgusting smell. He penetrated me to the bone. I moved closer to my grandmother and sat on the edge of her hospital bed.

"Everything will be fine" I stroked her hand.

I told her that everything would be fine, but I really did not know. But sometimes a lie is the best thing you can give a man.

"Nina!" hoarse and exhausted voice called me.

I looked up.

"Grandma" hope appeared in me.

When I talked to the doctor, he told me that she did not come to her senses, but in spite of its forecasts she spoke to me.

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