First Life Then Death (Chapter 6, page 1 of 32)

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The next morning, Taylor and Valentina came for me and we went to HelpRed. Along the way, Taylor and Valentina argued about something. I did not go into the details of their dispute, because my head was busy reflections about Ryan. Last time I saw him in the hospital. Usually he did not lose for such a long time.

"It's probably cool to see death?" Taylor looked at me with admiration.

"Watch the road" Valentina interrupted him.

Taylor was at the wheel and sat next to Valentina. I sat in the back seat, so to look was very dangerous.

"I do not know what is cool in this" I pulled the cap over my face and stared out the window.

It was hard to believe that they are so easily accepted this. But, most likely, they were amused it because they did not know anything about it.

We auditioned different kinds of lectures almost all day. I managed several times to understand what the person at the podium was talking, but the rest of the time I spent thinking about Ryan.

"I'm worried" Valentina shoved under my nose plate with salad.

"I'm not hungry. Today, I will stay in HelpRed with you" I smiled artificially.

Valentina giggled in response and rolled her eyes irritably.

"I took a drink" Taylor, depicting a clown, brought three cups of coffee.

"I will go. See you in the room" I regret looked at Valentina and immediately got up from my chair.

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