First Life Then Death (Chapter 8, page 1 of 2)

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People were not so many on funerals. They were mostly students, who studied with Michael. From this it became very sad. Although, what am I sad it was because of the death. Yes, death is always sad. The coffin with the body of Michael was standing on a huge farewell before the altar. The lid of the coffin was opened. I took a couple of steps. Now I could see Michael lying in an oak box, covered with a white cloth inside. He looked peaceful. Dark blue suit cleverly concealed wound that killed his body. Of course, his soul had died in that accident. However, it was known only to me and Ryan.

"You should not." Ryan leaned toward my ear.

His hand gently grabbed my wrist. He was tense, I could feel it.

"I should" I let go of his hand and took a couple of steps to the coffin.

Everyone stared at me. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Mr. Gate, who like all stared at me. I tried to ignore it. Curvy black rose on a long stick was in my hands. The tips of the petals were a bit shabby, but its color is skillfully was able to hide it. I gently put a flower in his hand.

"Goodbye, Michael" I whispered.

Tears rolled slowly out of my eyes. Everything in me protested. He was too young to die, and I could not just put up with it. All these shadows, about which Ryan told me, were mythical for me. Many people just live and do not realize it. For them, no matter the presence of the soul in the body, they just need to get the bodies of those whom they knew would be there. Perhaps Michael could have lived to old age, if he was in the circle of these people. I did not know what kind of world I would have preferred. On the one hand, standing near that damn coffin, I would like to see Michael was alive. But looking back, I realize that such a life would not need to him. He lost his life in that accident, and to allow his body to keep moving soulless was just selfish and dishonest.

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