First Life Then Death (Chapter 5, page 1 of 15)

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Joyful knock on the door woke me up the next morning.

"Are you asleep?" Valentina too loud broke into the room.

She was shocked and I did not understand why.

"You are discharged today, and you sleep" she parted the curtains and rays of sunlight blinded me.

I always liked it when she behaved so... So… Alive. Yes, she was very cheerful. Of course, I was very happy for her, but it was hard to share her joy. Though, probably, it was my problem, not your.

"I packed up yesterday. Stop yelling" I covered my head with a blanket in the hope of a few more minutes to enjoy the quiet.

"No. Get up" Valentina pulled off my blanket.

I took a deep breath. It cost me a lot of energy, so as not to slander Valentina filth. Sometimes she was just unbearable.

"I got" I muttered.

I grabbed clothes from the chair and went into the bath. Since then, as Ryan became my angel of death, I began to change in the bathroom. Bath was the only place where he was not.

"Will you visit Michael?" Valentina looked at me reproachfully.

I froze in the doorway, hearing about Michael. It was hard to imagine our meeting. I felt very sorry for him.

"I am ready!" I ignored her question.

Valentina looked at me quizzically.

"Taylor is waiting for us downstairs" she took the bag and left the room.

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