Keepin It Tight - A Sample

by Shani Greene-Dowdell

What happens when two women and one man suffer devastating pain in their love lives and are all looking for some one to mend their hearts? Do they go on to a love triangle... or pure unadulterated drama? With all of the heart knocks she has suffered, Lela James has all but given up on finding true love. That's until she meets Cornelius Johnston at the James Family Reunion. Neil is a hardworking, successful black man who is prepared to give her the world. And their world is indeed perfect except for one thing...his ever present, sexy blond protege, Amanda Broady, who is fighting for her own corner of Neil's heart. Spending long hours at work, Neil never suspects that one day Lela's loneliness may cause her to stray. Keepin' It Tight explores relationship drama like no other novel. When the insecurity and deception in Cornelius and Lela's marriage reaches a point of no return, it will take a miracle to pick up the pieces. Come take the journey of race, love, deception, and temptation in Keepin' It Tight.

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