Journey Into the Deep (Chapter Six, page 1 of 9)

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The Storm

I blinked a couple of times and then I reached up to feel at my very sore head. Someone had wrapped a bandage around it and the smell of dried blood was heavy in my nostrils.

I was still in the wheelhouse, but no one else appeared to be. Alarm at that helped drive me painfully up to my feet.

I clutched onto the wall for a moment as I'd risen too quickly and the world was spinning. I suppose it was still spinning wasn't it? Or did the world above spin upon this inner world?

It occurred to me that I didn't know as I didn't know much about any of what was happening. I didn't know from where all this light was coming from for instance.

I stumbled out of the wheelhouse holding onto the railing as I went. Looking up I had my answer as to the source of the light and yet I didn't.

I could see where the light came from now, but I couldn't explain how it was being generated. We were upon a sea and above us was a vast dome like ceiling of clouds. How high up I couldn't say, but it was high.

The top of the dome like enclosure was a mass of shifting clouds that strikingly resembled the Aurora Borealis or northern lights of the northern hemisphere. Instead of the blues and greens though the colors shifted from yellow to orange and then red.

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