Journey Into the Deep (Chapter Four, page 3 of 4)

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I glanced up from the written words to meet Matt's eyes. He met my gaze and shook his head negatively as he said, "I can't agree to do that and I want no part of such an unholy agreement, but your Captain of the ship."

There was silence for a moment which was broken by Big Jim who spoke up deeply, "They should be thrown into the sea! I no serve darkness anymore, because my Jesus saved me!"

He pointed at me and said, "I work for you for free! I no need the money!"

The big man had spoken and he'd said a lot.

"He's right Captain!" Serena said chiming in.

I glanced at Flynn and Ortega and both surprisingly nodded in agreement. I hadn't given either of them that much credit in terms of moral religious virtue.

I glanced from the crew around me to the pieces of the Orlanis Star hovering in the air before me.

I would lose everything.

Sometimes it didn't matter and this was one of those times. I grabbed the central crystal piece with its blasphemous wording and chucked it out the open wheelhouse door and into the sea. The other pieces soon followed.

"Take us back to port Serena." I said roughly before leaving the silent wheelhouse.

I made my way down the ladder quickly towards my quarters needing to be alone, as I was embarrassed as a Captain for my inability to provide for my crew just as a father would have been to see his children go hungry or go without what they needed.

The pieces of the Orlanis Star splashed into the water heavily, but only for a moment did the pieces begin to sink. As one the pieces boomeranged backward toward the Celestia's Prize's hull under the water.

They chased through the water after the ship, as she turned around and motored for port. With loud audible snaps they magnetically clicked onto the metal plating near the propeller shaft just above the waterline.

Christina stepped backward from the railing completely creeped out by what she had just seen. What power had driven the pieces of the star to attach themselves to the ship the way they had just done?

Everything going on was just too weird and she was scared. She didn't say anything to anyone. She just wanted this whole ill begotten experience to be over with and be back on land again so she could get on with her life and apologize to her mother for being a brat.

I sat down on my cot and held my head in my hands as all the what if's and negative possibilities began to run through my mind as to how bleak my future now seemed and how it was about to become my reality. I grew weary in the attempt to remain positive about the future.

I had made the right decision poor excuse of a Christian that I still was. It didn't seem to matter though as my mind was filled with negative doubts and fears that were becoming realized.

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