Husband Wanted: Will Train (Chapter Two - It's Me or the French Chef, page 1 of 18)

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Ross climbed the stairs to Charity Ames's second-story apartment, feeling very much as he often did when playing racquetball, at the point when he began to note his opponent tiring. The exhilaration of victory hadn't started to sink in, but it was definitely in the offing.

Miss Charity Ames needed a service. He was about to provide that service and have a chance to soften up his subject at the same time. The combination of his charm and her gratitude would surely do the trick. The addition of La Mer to the consortium he'd organized was as good as in the bag.

The apartment building was of quality construction, but it had the long, low, anonymous look of so many modern buildings. Ross took the stairs instead of the elevator, enjoying the exercise it gave his long, powerful legs.

He was an hour early, but once he'd made up his mind, he'd wanted to get going with his plan. At the top of the stairs, he located apartment 20 and was just about to reach for the buzzer when the door flew open.

Ross stepped back to avoid the feminine body that came bounding out into the hallway. His first impression was of a mass of golden hair flying about and a pair of very dark eyes peering at him questioningly. In her hand was a measuring tape already extended and ready for action.

"Charity Ames?" he asked.

Without any hesitation the woman stuck out her hand and took Ross's for a vigorous shake.

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