Husband Wanted: Will Train (Chapter One - Hiring a Husband, page 2 of 17)

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Low and husky, it had an oddly appealing quality-and a lilt of humor. She sounded like a woman who knew how to laugh at herself. Maybe this was really a joke. If so, he might as well string along for the punch line.

"What type of man did you have in mind?" he asked instead of putting her off.

"Good question."

She laughed shortly.

"I wish I knew. I've never had much luck judging men."

She thought for a few seconds.

"He should be tall, I guess, since I'm not exactly the china-doll type. Good looks would be nice." She laughed again, and then her voice softened as she went on.

"But you know what? I think intelligence is more important. Yes, definitely, intelligent eyes. That's what I want. Do you have anyone like that?"


Ross gazed, bemused, into the mirror on the other side of the office. His own sea-blue eyes were filled with amusement, and a reluctant grin played on his wide mouth. He stopped that quickly enough, frowning instead.

Why was he leading her on this way? The woman was an obvious head case. He should refer her to the psycho ward at Destiny Bay Hospital. He hesitated, but for some reason he went on with the charade instead.

"About what age are you looking for?"

"Well, I'm thirty. What do you think? Anything over that up to about forty. Or anything, really, that seems compatible."

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