Husband Wanted: Will Train (Chapter Four - The Circus Comes to Town, page 2 of 18)

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"South Sea Islands is damned alluring," he said flatly. "If you think that's turning men off, you're wrong."

"That's not what I mean." She took another sip of golden wine, completely unaware of the seductive picture she made beside him. "It's just that it seems to turn the wrong men on. I always end up being someone's outlet."

She stared at Ross. She'd never told anyone this sort of thing before, and yet it just rolled out for him. What was it about this man that made her feel so vulnerable and at the same time so free?

His skeptical frown told her he still didn't understand.

"Take Freddy Wainehold," she went on, narrowing her eyes to look into the past. "A stockbroker. Staid. Boring even. We met when I was trying out restaurant management, working as an assistant manager at the Mellow Prawn in Beverly Hills. He asked me out. We seemed to get along just fine. He even asked me to marry him. And-" she shrugged, unable to believe it herself now "-I actually considered doing just that at the time. And then I began to realize a disturbing pattern was emerging." She looked at Ross over the rim of her glass. "All our dates ended up at the circus."

Ross looked blank. "At the circus?"

She nodded. "Down in the Los Angeles area, you can always find the circus playing somewhere. And we did. He just loved the circus. He would sit on the edge of his seat until the clowns came out, and then he would roar with laughter at everything they did." She grinned. "The poor guy didn't want to be a stockbroker at all. He wanted to be a circus clown. Only he couldn't really admit it to anyone, and the closest he could come was by marrying me."

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