Husband Wanted: Will Train (Chapter Seven - Australia Can Wait, page 2 of 20)

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That thought shook her, and she pushed it away into the margins of her concerns. But every time she looked at him, it grew stronger and stronger.

It was late morning when Ross got a telephone call from Henry Mertz, his business partner. Charity was the one who picked up the receiver.

"Is Ross available?" a deep voice asked.

Here was someone from Ross's real life. It forced her to consider that he did have other things going on besides this make-believe marriage.

Her first inclination was to slam down the phone and claim it had been a wrong number. There was no one else in the living room at the moment; she could easily do it. She didn't want to share him, didn't want to risk having something call him back to where he really belonged too soon.

But that was childish. She killed the temptation and spoke politely. "Just a moment; I'll get him for you."

"How are negotiations going?" the partner asked as soon as Ross got on the line. Henry wasn't really sure of the details, but he did know who Charity was and that Ross was engaged in a delicate operation aimed at getting her cooperation at last.

"Cordially," Ross answered evasively. He glanced at Charity. She was leaving the room, heading for the bedroom. "But so far unfruitful."

Henry laughed. "What I've got to tell you will put that little venture into the shade," he said. "How would you like a trip to Australia?"

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