Guardian Angel (A Sample) (Chapter Five, page 1 of 6)

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Monday loomed like a yellow lumo billboard in her mind. The last few years all she had been doing was asking questions that started with 'why', and she felt as if she had no more faith to fall back on. She lost the tentative hope she had when she overheard Dr. Dunne tell her mother there was nothing more she could do. Taylor had tried to be strong, but now she was not so sure anymore. The same prayer she prayed every night had gone unanswered. She had no more expectations.

The hand on her shoulder literally shocked her. A tiny tendril of electricity shimmered through her. She looked up sharply just as the bread truck rumbled past her. The wind caused by its passage lifted the wisps of hair not tied into the ponytail behind her head away from her face.

Daimhin knew that instead of saving her, he should have let her walk in front of the truck, but he wanted to get to know her. "Be careful," he said as he put his hand on her shoulder to stop her from stepping off the sidewalk.

Taylor looked back at him in shock. She was so worried about dying on Monday, she forgot to pay attention to where she was at that very specific moment.

He saw a flicker of recognition in her eyes.

His green eyes sparkled as he smiled down at her. His dark, longish hair curled around his face, brushing his shoulders. His skin was flawless and tanned. He was beautiful. Feeling mortified, she smiled shyly. "Thank you." She added, "For saving me."

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