Guardian Angel (A Sample) (Chapter Three, page 1 of 7)

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Distracted he pushed through the frosted glass door of the pristine, brilliant white room. The reception desk was large and imposing, even the large letters on the front of the white surface were white. He was in the offices of AoD: Irish Operations. The only reason the letters could be read was because of the shadow cast behind them from the flushed fluorescent lights in the pure white ceiling. The walls, as in the rest of the offices, were symmetrical slabs of white and frosted glass.

The receptionist looked up from her position behind the desk. Even she blended in well with her surroundings. Her face was pale, down to her frosted pale pink lipstick. Her eyes were a light shade of blue and her long straight hair was a shade lighter than baby blonde.

"Mr. Ahern is looking for you, Daimhin." Even her voice sounded white.

"Good morning, Miss Brown." He smirked internally at the irony that she could be considered a brown stain in the otherwise untainted room.

"Morning. You're late."

"I am on my way to the morning meeting, can't it wait till after?"

"No. He said he wanted to see you before the meeting this morning."

Daimhin walked past her and down the long white passage. The symmetrical slabs of white integrated with frosted glass on the walls continued on each side alongside him. The white polished tiles under his feet reflected the lights from the ceiling.

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