Guardian Angel (A Sample) (Chapter Six, page 1 of 9)

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He found Taylor sitting on a low wall. Derry is the only remaining completely intact walled city in Ireland and one of the finest examples of a walled city in Europe. The walls are completely intact and form a walkway around the inner city.

He stood there staring at her for a moment. She sat with her back against the wall. The sun shone down on her, making her hair shine. Her knees were pulled up to her chest and her book was propped up against her legs. She was engrossed in her story and did not notice the gentle breeze playing with her hair.

He pulled his ring from his finger and when she perceived a movement in front of her, she looked up. He stepped toward her and then sat down next to her.

When his arm brushed against hers, she squirmed away awkwardly, without making it obvious. Although he stopped her from walking in front of the bread delivery truck earlier, she did not expect him to actually come looking for her.

He asked softly. "I recognized your bracelet. It's a Cancer awareness bracelet, isn't it?"

She glanced down at the plastic armband around her wrist. She did not know what to say.

He looked out across the wall to view the layout of the original town which still preserved its Renaissance style street plan.

She started to stand up. "I better get home."

He wanted to put his hand on her forearm to stop her from going, but he did not. "Please don't go because of me. How did you find out you were sick?"

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