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Chapter 3

"Lisa, I presume." He said as she walked up the steps an across the porch.

"Yes, thank you for opening your home to me. Am I right in assuming you are Michael Joyce?" Lisa asked as she extended her hand.

"So you have heard of me?" He laughed.

"Is there anyone on the planet who hasn't?" Lisa said.

"I think at the last check there was one old man in the Himalayas with no electricity who only came out of the mountains once a year an couldn't read that didn't know who I was. If I am not mistaken, you have had a little bit of celebrity yourself lately. Don't get all defensive, I don't believe half of what I read. According to those rags, I have slept with more women than there are in the world. Come in here and we can get you some warm dry clothes and see what we can arrange for the night. It looks like you may be stuck here. We are going to have an ice storm, and none of the garages want to take the chance on coming out." Michael helped her out of the coat and took her arm to show her where she could change.

"Thank you, maybe if I could use your phone I could get my family to get someone out here. I need to at least let them know I am safe. " Lisa told him.

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