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Chapter 5

"I think we had better take a shower before breakfast." Lisa said as she looked over him.

"You aren't looking so clean yourself, although you are still remarkably beautiful. We both have to shower, so why not just share it? We would use less hot water, so it would be good for the generator." Michael said with a leer.

"You know, I am really shocked you get any women with those tired old lines of yours. Truth is you go up to the women and say, I am a millionaire, please come home with me. Then after you arrange the right price...." Lisa was suddenly in the air being carried by him.

"Now I have to pay my women huh? I'll have you know I have women killing themselves to get in my bed." He threw her down on the couch and began kissing her neck. "I am a great lover, beautiful." Michael said as he kissed her lips. His hands roamed freely over her body. He lowered his body so it was covering hers. He lifted her shirt up so he could see her full large breasts. Michael took one of them in his mouth, the other in his hand and began to massage and suck on her.

Lisa could feel her control slipping away. Her felt so good on her. The way his hands and mouth were covering her chest, she was beginning to feel a wetness in her crotch. She instinctively reached down between his legs and quickly found his large member straining at the seams of his pants. She suddenly wanted nothing more than him inside her. This realization woke her to what she was doing and with whom.

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