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Chapter 8

After they had talked about the foster system, Michael asked Lisa to walk with him. "Take him out to the gardens." her mother suggested. So they walked out the back to her mother's pride. The garden was something her mother had worked very hard on, and her care showed. The garden had a winding brick foot path, surrounded by every flower imaginable. There were roses, petunias, daffodils, lilies, tulips, irises, and so many more.

"I hope you are not upset with my dad. He is overprotective, but he is just trying to protect me. I am sorry he did that to you though." Lisa told him as they walked.

"I understand, a father is of course going to everything possible to try to make sure their daughter doesn't get hurt. I will probably do the same when I have a child. Are your parents serious about taking in foster kids?"

"Yes, if they have done the research and are asking you about it, they have probably already started the process. They aren't the type though to start a project like that and then dump it in a few months. Take this garden. My mother has been working on it for the last twenty years. My dad does car models and has since he was a child. They make a commitment to something and carry through." Lisa told him.

"I am sure. He seems really serious about this. It makes me feel good that someone maybe able to get out of a group home because of me and my friends. I know your parents will do a great job with these kids, look at how you turned out. I just wanted some time with you alone. Now that we are back here, it is going to be hard to just be able to have time to ourselves. I have been fighting just grabbing you up and kissing you all night."

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