Fighting For Freedom (Fighting Series Book 1) (Chapter 1, page 1 of 2)

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4 Years later

"What would you like for your birthday Princess?" my father ask while we eat dinner. Every year is the same question and the answer is always the same. "Nothing really" I reply dryly as I play around with my food. He knows that I don't like celebrating my birthday I don't know why he even ask. Ever since I found out the truth about my father I haven't been the same. I'm no longer that girl who gets excited for her birthday and the gifts. "Princess you only turn 20 once how about we throw a party to celebrate that you're almost an adult" he says. I fight the urge to smile deep down I was hoping he would say that. This party will be the perfect distraction just what I need. I waited for him to bring it up because if I brought it up myself it would of sound suspicious. "Sure why not" I give him a small smile pretending to not care. Even tho deep inside I'm jumping from excitement. After dinner I walk upstairs and start planning for the party. I need to make sure everything goes as plan. I hear my phone ring and I answer with out looking.


"Jane!" my cousin Sammy yells.

"Hi prima" I reply just hearing her makes me smile.

"Tio called and told me that you are throwing a party on Saturday for your birthday".

"Yeah nothing big same old same old" I lay down on my bed.

"We have to go shopping!" she beams.

I roll my eyes even tho she can't see me "Sammy you know damn well that my dad and tio won't let us go out". My uncle Jay is just like my father overprotected. If it was up to them we wouldn't be allow to breath fresh air.

"I know that silly but you know what they say if Noah don't go to the mountain than the mountain goes to Noah". I can't help but to bust out laughing. Sammy always tries to sound smart but comes out the complete opposite.

"That's so not how it goes" I clean my tears. Sammy isn't the brightest one out of all of us but she has a good heart.

"How does it go then smart ass?" she ask.

"If the mountain don't go to Muhammad then Muhammad goes to the mountain" I correct her. How would a mountain even go to Muhammad? Who ever came up with that saying didn't think it all the way through.

"That's what I said the only differences was the name but anyways I'll have my dad bring us a whole mall so we can shop" she says.

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