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Chapter 4

This was how Ethan found them, both laughing with tears in their eyes.

'I hope I'm not the butt of that joke? Ready?' he said dryly.

Wiping her eyes Belinda didn't bother to enlighten him. Pasting on a brave smile and once again with a heart beat soaring in response to his presence Belinda turned to Ethan indicating she was ready to leave. But not really ready to leave with him, she added to herself.

'Bags packed and ready to go.' She quipped ironically since no bag was evident only the flowers and teddy bear glued to her chest.

She had decided against consigning the flowers to the maternity ward and the toy to the children's wing as they were the only possessions she had, both from Ethan. They were a more personal and touching thanks from Ethan, more so than paid hospital bills.

Ethan gazing intently at Belinda wondered once again how a woman who wasn't his usual long legged svelte type could get his blood heating while only wearing shorts and a t-shirt that had seen better days and a look that had seen none. Maybe it was the hair, though again he usually favoured blondes. It was shining now after the hairdressing session and hung in glorious waves over her shoulders and down her back almost but not quite covering the bruises revealed by the scooped neckline. And she was so short! Good bust though, seeing it fully for the first time, the hospital gown leaving much to the imagination.

Realising he was embarrassing her and potentially himself Ethan smiled at the object of his appraisal. In response the lost and bewildered look disappeared behind a truly wonderful smile. He had been right about her smile lighting up the room. Unfortunately it also ignited his wayward groin. 'Going to have to control that.' Ethan grimly muttered to himself.


'Oh! Nothing. Let's get out of here before the society mums finish dropping their kids off at school and clog the streets looking for a parking space for the days shopping.' Ethan gallantly opened the door for Belinda who then hesitated in the doorway.

He realised that except for a visit to radiology this room was probably all she knew of the world apart from the view from her window. Gently applying pressure in the small of her back propelling her towards the lift, Ethan felt her wince at the contact. 'My car will be waiting for us at the main entrance.'

Entering the lift they traveled alone in an even smaller space than the room. As she moved away from him he wondered if his proximity was adding to her discomfort at leaving the haven of her room. While not one for idle chatter the silence got on his nerves.

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