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Chapter 8

Twenties? Good lord I hope so. He wanted her to have her own source of cash and an access debit/credit card seemed the solution. It would give her the freedom to come and go as she pleased, though the thought of her going irritated him.

Removing a folder from his safe Ethan removed a company credit card and an info sheet and pushed it towards the girl intently scrutinizing her nails and without looking directly at her or her cleavage said 'Shelly as a matter of urgency I want you to take this blank gold access card that is linked to my banking account and contact the bank with its pin number and have it activated-.'

'Now?' The infuriating girl glanced at her watch.

'Yes…' she's definitely gone. 'Now! The details on what the process is and the numbers you will need are here. The name of the card holder is-' Ethan had no idea what to put as her name. She's Ellie today but F-something tomorrow. And how long before she remembers, if ever.

'Is?' His temp impatiently continued to check her flawless acrylic nails for imperfections.

'is...Zoe.' The last letter and the only name he could think of for that letter. 'Zoe...Holt. When it's done bring me in the card and any verification letters that have to be signed and then faxed.'

The last name caused the temp to raise her eyes at her boss, disappointment writ large on her face, snatch the offending plastic and flounce out of the room.

Ethan placed the folder on his desk, reached for his phone half turning away thereby dismissing the much put out girl from both his office and his mind just as he intended on dismissing her altogether at 5.

A boss could get into trouble with an assistant like that.

Damn Bali or where ever my P.A. has so thoughtlessly gone..

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