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Chapter 5

Belinda couldn't recall having seen such a handsome man.

The books they gave her in hospital on functional amnesia stated that while she could not recall facts and figures often feelings were retrievable. Not in this case. She couldn't recall ever feeling like this about anyone before, this all suffocating awareness of a man. Was it passion?

She was sure she was no virgin but she was equally sure that she was no floozy. So the feelings generated by Ethan were quite possibly her first experience of true passion.

She hoped this apparent lack of experience, of deep feelings for this man meant that there was no one special in her life. If there was then her feelings for Ethan were not only a betrayal of that person but also a serious complication should she regain her memory.

Looking on the bright side there seemed to be no one special on Ethan's side now that Darlin' had proved to be Darlene. Maybe there was a chance of something developing between her and Ethan, albeit slim.

Shaking her head clear of such flights of fancy Belinda stated a need to lie down before lunch. She had been yawning all morning after her restless night. Removing herself from Ethan's suffocating presence, the hold on her reactions slipping another notch each time he leant forward for a biscuit or another cup from the plunger or even took another breath was a bonus.

Automatically she took her mug to the sink, rinsed it out and placed it in the dishwasher, wiping the drainer of drips.

Another piece of the puzzle fell for Ethan - no silver spoon this one.

Her departure resulted in Ethan unconsciously letting out a big sigh of relief and rolling of his head to ease the tension in his neck and shoulders. These significant acts were not missed by the astute housekeeper placing the cup in the dishwasher who muttered 'Makes a nice change.'

'She seems tired. Maybe tomorrow might be too early for you to take her out, Darlene.'

'You'd be tired too if you had been crushed, knocked unconscious, spent the last 3 nights in hospital only to leave and be faced by all this.'

'All this?' Ethan was confused.

'Ethan the girl is not used to all this!' Darlene swept her hand around the room as she came around the lounge to perch on its armrest. 'It's clear to me that that girl works for a living and earns an honest days pay for a hard days work. She didn't expect to be served on or cleared up after wards. How easy you forget your own background. I think she shares that background and tomorrow is going to be a challenge because I think she has her mind set on not accepting your charity.'

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