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Chapter 5

Ethan cleared his throat. 'It was nice to see you smile when you came in. I was getting worried about you. I thought perhaps leaving hospital today was rushing things and that coming home to my place was a bit… much.'

Glancing over her shoulder Belinda replied, 'I do feel a bit displaced at the moment but in all honesty I couldn't stay another night under essentially false pretences. I'm fine except for - my problem' She said self mockingly. 'The room is lovely by the way, and Darlene…thanks for the clothes and… things.'

She was about to say underwear but couldn't with Ethan listening. How silly and adolescent. 'With my own clothes and this… I should be right.'

A few sips of the aromatic coffee, several deep breaths and with her runaway body now under control Belinda felt it was safe to return to the sofa considering that Ethan body language was now more open. 'I really have to thank you again for all that you have done, above and beyond the call of duty. I really don't think though for the time being I need anything else.'

'Please, no thanks are due. Consider this a holiday with a friend in the city.'

'A friend doesn't provide their guests with clothes and un… stuff.'

Did it again. 'A true friend helps out anyway they can.'

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