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Chapter 3

Not hard she thought amusedly since she had only seen 2 doctors whose life she guessed included grand children and an increasing golf handicap while male nurses were thin on the ground.

Amy just knew that were she able to access her internal library of male acquaintances this one would still top the list in the hunk stakes, all maybe 6' 4' of him. The vision in denim had a wicked flop of hair that obstinately refused to join the immaculately groomed rest. It probably irritated the hell out of its owner who paused to drag his fingers through it in a vain attempt to make it behave. Amy's fingers itched to help. Mid to late thirties, dark as sin and oh so tall- the nurses were spot on. Hopefully he was her 'hunk' and not just lost.

'Hi.' Ethan said softly as he approached the bed, his body reacting highly inappropriately to her vulnerable loveliness and to the hint of a smile hovering on her delectable lips. Ethan's traitorous body this time compelled him to sit in the chair next to Amy's bed as he had been doing for what felt like days. He unconsciously lent towards her as he ran a slow, appraising eye over her face and what he could see of her body.

'Hi, yourself.' murmured Amy.

'I'm Ethan and I'm pleased to finally to meet you properly.' Extending his hand Ethan grasped Amy's half heartedly raised one with his right and covered it with his left in a gentle handshake. He didn't let go.

He didn't want to let go.


Ethan's eyes rose quizzically.

'Well it is today anyway. Tomorrow I'm going to try Belinda on for size then the day after that maybe Candice or Catherine.'

Catching on quickly Ethan quipped. 'O is going to be a challenge. Ophelia?'

Laughing softly Amy shook her head. 'I don't see myself as a Shakespearean tragic figure. Olivia sounds nice but I'm not looking forward to being Uma for a day. That's quite a few letters off so maybe by then I won't have to.'

After noting her knowledge of a classic Ethan mentally calculated that she was hoping to regain her memory in less than 18 days and then he supposed to disappear from his life, back into hers.

Irrationally Ethan didn't like that idea but said. 'Here's hoping. How's the head?'

Going haywire very quickly Amy thought while this God's gift to womanhood keeps a hold of my hand and keeps looking so intently into me. Instead she lied. 'A bit scrambled but clearing quickly.'

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