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Chapter 3

His rescuer beat him to it.

She had lain awake it felt for hours waiting until the rest of the hospital woke up too. She wasn't sure what had woken her but felt hot and breathless as if she had been running. In the dark before dawn muffled sounds could be heard signifying that although it was still night and all good people were in bed a hospital while resting never slept.

Nurses had come and gone taking her quite normal temperature and pulse, tucking in already tucked in sheets, straightening all ready straight blankets and, upon seeing her peering at them in the gloom, murmuring inane assurances that everything will be fine, just fine. To give herself time. She hadn't challenged them on that point.

Recalling what the doctor had told her yesterday about not trying too hard to recall her past she had decided to chill out and go with the flow.

Hating the look of pity on each new shift when they looked at her chart labeled "Jane Doe" she had decided to give her self a name - a series of names that is, with a purpose.

Each day she would change her name to one she liked the sound of beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. Today she was Amy and tomorrow? Belinda sounded nice. Amy hoped that she would inadvertently choose her own name and so trigger her memory. It was still there he assured her, just the door wouldn't open.

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