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Chapter 6

Returning to Ethan's house was a warming experience. It felt like coming home, not surprisingly, since it was the only home Cathie knew. The car swept into the circular driveway and deposited two very weary but contented shoppers at the door.

Cathie was pleased that she had managed to reign in Darlene's extravagance.

Darlene was even more pleased that Cathie hadn't succeeded.

David carried their bags from the car through into the kitchen, returning several times unnoticed.

'Time for a cuppa, David?'

'Always. I've still got time before I pick up Chloe at 4 and Ethan at 6.'

'That man works too hard.'

'He has to so you can have a cushy job gallivanting around the countryside spending his hard earned dough.' David's smile softened his words.

'And…so you can spend hours sitting on your butt reading the papers while working on your tan exhausted I'm sure after your - what - 40 minutes of actual work.' a returning smile having the same effect.

Cathie also smiled at the exchange, one of many she had seen today. Maybe these two have something going on, she pondered, bickering as they were like a long married couple.

The threesome sat down for coffee at the family room table, three first sips eliciting three deep sighs followed by a burst of laughter.

'Is there enough hot water for me?' Ethan asked as he entered the kitchen with Chloe held high in his arms. David jumped to his feet concerned that he'd missed Ethan's call.

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